Animal communication-Intermediate

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Claire Bloomfield
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My beginners course was the foundation for your animal communication journey, the how to of the process of animal communication. This Intermediate course moves on from that and gives you examples of my own real life case studies as a professional communicator, alongside my advice to help you implement what you have learnt as a beginner so you can start conducting your own communications with confidence. This course is suitable for anyone who has already taken a beginners course in animal communication.

This course teaches you how to use animal communication in everyday situations as well as with challenges and deeper issues. With topics ranging from communicating with animals in spirit to rescue animals or wild animals. I even teach you what questions you can ask to help you find lost animals.

Take the course and learn to improve your communications by checking in with yourself both mentally and physically. Let me guide you through the process I use as a professional communicator to deal with behaviour problems and learn an easy process for communicating with both wild and domestic animals in person.

I will teach you how to better react and respond to animals to open yourself up to deeper relationships and communications with your own animals and other people’s animals. Which is a vital skill if you work professionally with animals as a dog or horse trainer, pet sitter, groomer or rescue shelter worker.

Sign up for the course and learn about the more complex issues of animal communication, like jobs, mirroring, reincarnation and animals who suffer from serious emotional disorders. Learn how to prepare yourself and your animal for the passing of a beloved animal friend and discover how animal communication can help animals suffering from illness or inury.

Aside from all this you also get access to a private Facebook group that I have created for my animal communication students who have enjoyed the course, so you have a safe and loving place where you can practice what you have learnt with other student's animals and receive further advice and guidance from me. It is important to me to provide more than just an informative course, I follow the progress of my students in the Facebook group and on the platform with pride, and I always aim to make myself available to my students to answer any questions or concerns they have about the course content. We take the journey together and I am proud to be a part of your animal communication journey.


Course content:

☆My story


☆Important notes about this course

☆The learning process

☆Communicating with your own animal


☆Checking in with yourself mentally

☆Exercise - Checking in with yourself physically/spot gazing meditation

☆Dealing with sceptics

☆Communicating with an animal in person

☆Symbolism and meanings

☆Wild animals, zoo animals and animals with no guardian

☆Keeping your animals informed

☆Attitude is important

☆Behaviour problems

☆Mean what you say



☆Illness and injury

☆When animals don't want to get well

☆Death and dying

☆Animals in spirit


☆Emotional animals

☆Rescue animals

☆Looks can be deceiving

☆Lost and stolen animals

☆Special considerations


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Last updated May 23, 2023

At the end of my course, students will have learnt how to... ☆Communicate with any animal in person. ☆Communicate with animals in spirit, have a better understanding of what happens when an animal passes and of reincarnation. ☆Discuss important end-of-life matters with their animals. ☆Talk to animals about behaviour issues. ☆Improve your animal’s health and happiness and general wellbeing. ☆Experience the life changing benefits of communicating with animals on a deeper level. ☆Have an understanding of communicating with Rescue animals and wild animals.

£59.99 £9.99

Animal communication-Intermediate

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