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Finding lost animals using animal communication

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Finding lost animals using animal communication

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Claire Bloomfield
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I have written this course for both practicing animal communicators interested in working on lost animal cases and for anyone who has or may one day have an animal go missing. While it is also possible to use the techniques in the course to help you find your own animal, it is important to note that communicating telepathically with your own animals can be much harder as you have a vested interest in the results. I have designed the course with both the communicator and animal guardian in mind because as an animal communicator it will help you to know what advice the animal’s guardian should be following. As the guardian of an animal who is lost, it can help to know and understand how and why a communicator works your case the way they do. My hope with this course is that having everyone working from the same perspective, will make it easier for lost animals to be located and returned to their loving homes, as safely and as quickly as possible.

This course contains practical tips and advice on how to use animal communication when working on lost animal cases. As well as advice and guidance for those who have an animal missing.

The information provided in this course is intended to be supportive if you are seeking advice about a lost animal and are wondering if animal communication might help.

You will learn what you need to know before communicating with a lost animal. I will provide you with a list of important yes/no questions and open-ended questions that you can ask to get the most useful information from the missing animal.

I provide an example communication with a missing animal so you will know what to expect. I give you advice based not only on my years of experience as an animal communication but also knowledge given to me directly from the animals themselves.

My tips for how to get help from your own animals and the Universe to bring an animal home. I will help you to see how important a role the animal's guardian plays in guiding their animal home.

You will learn what to expect from lost animal communication sessions, from the point of view of the animal, the guardian and the communicator. This helps make sure everyone is working from the same understanding, which increases the chances of success.

I introduce you to some of the reasons that an animal might go missing and advise you on how to handle that.

To be able to use the information in this course to communicate telepathically with lost animals you should have prior knowledge of how to communicate telepathically with animals, ideally at an intermediate or advanced level.


Course content:


☆Important notes about this course

☆My own experience with my lost cat

☆Why lost animal cases are difficult

☆What you need to know to conduct a lost animal session

☆Before the session

☆Session types

☆Methods for finding lost animals

☆Tracking a lost animal with remote viewing

☆Dowsing with a pendulum

☆Body scanning

☆Tracking your own animal game - Exercise

☆What to expect from a communication session

☆When things don't work out

☆When things do work out

☆Finding out why an animal went missing

☆Communicating with a lost animal

☆Example communication

☆Stolen animals

☆Giving up

☆Be aware of your energy

☆The importance of positivity - Exercise

☆Beacon of light to guide the animal home

☆Getting accurate information from the animal

☆The animal's perspective

☆Helping an animal home

☆Tips and advice

☆Preventative measures

☆Get help

☆Practical advice


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At the end of my course, students will have learnt how... ☆To question animals and receive specific details. ☆To locate lost animals using animal communication. ☆Have an understanding of what to expect from lost animal sessions. ☆Remote viewing, pendulum dowsing and body scanning can help when locating lost animals. ☆Communicators and animal guardians will learn how to work as part of a team to increase the chances of finding the lost animal.

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