Animal communication 101

Claire Bloomfield
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In this course I share the experiences I have had while communicating with animals over the years to guide you through your journey of learning to communicate with animals, from a beginner level to a more advanced level. As these secrets range from different areas of animal communication this course is not aimed at any particular skill level and contains information that is valuable to those at the very start of their journey as well as those who have been practicing for quite some time. These secrets and tips that I am sharing are things that often go unsaid when learning animal communication but that can be of great benefit to your journey. I will teach you the fundamental skills of connecting and understanding intuitively what animals have to say. I will share my experiences, stories, and methods with you, so that you can begin to open to this wonderful practice yourself. You'll learn your responsibility as a voice for the animals. How to set bourndaires and why they are so vital to your progress. In over 60 lessons packed full of information on a wide range of different topics from Chakras and crystals to self-care that will help you to further develop your skills as an animal communicator. I provide insight into what you can expect once you start communicating on a regular basis with animals and guide you through many of the challenges you may face as a budding animal communicator. I have included detailed guidance on how to deal with the blocks you may encounter in the process of learning animal communication and tips to help ease your way as your skills develop. So if you are having problems or doubts about communicating with animals. Or, if you just want to make sure you know all those secrets tips about how to be the best communicator you can be then this course is for you.

**You should have knowledge of how to communicate telepathically with an animal either from my Animal communication for beginners course or an equivalent course with another instructor to get the most from this course.


Course content:


☆Important notes about this course

☆What animal communication is and what it isn´t  

☆How animal communication works

☆Animal communication and diagnosing  


☆Understanding energy and vibration

☆Introduction to energy

☆Introduction to the chakras

☆Energy and animals


☆How to raise your energy

☆Energy exchange and good manners


☆Setting boundaries

☆How to set intention

☆How do animals respond to telepathic communication?

☆What can you expect when you connect telepathically with an animal?

☆The animals are listening

☆The animal’s perspective and viewpoint

☆Do animals lie?

☆Fear of failure

☆Lack of support


☆Analysis paralysis



☆Health and diet


☆The guardian’s expectations

☆The animal’s influence

☆The guardian’s influence

☆Energy blockages

☆How to tell if you are an empath self-assessment test

☆How to deal with being an empath


☆Blockages conclusion

☆Setting the stage for effective communication

☆Releasing self-doubt

☆Building your confidence

☆Moving beyond fear

☆Getting the best results from your communications

☆Enhance your communications

☆Sending messages to an animal

☆Pictures and visual cues

☆Physical and emotional sensations

☆Questions for your practice sessions

☆Getting more detailed answers

☆Sample questions for deeper conversations

☆Expand your conversation topics

☆Quality not quantity

☆Communicating with an animal without a photo

☆Multiple animals and groups of animals

☆Common questions and answers about animal communication

☆After the communication, validating

☆How crystals can help you develop your animal communication skills

☆Working with crystals for telepathic abilities

☆Cleansing and caring for your crystals

☆Programming and charging your crystals


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Last updated May 23, 2023

At the end of my course, students will have learnt to... ☆Fine-tune and develop your animal communication skills. ☆Communicate with any animal without a photo. ☆Have knowledge of the general perspectives, purposes and intentions of our animal friends. ☆Prepare mentally, physically and energetically for telepathic communication. ☆Have a good understanding of communicating with other people’s animals ethically and respectfully. ☆Identify blockages that may be affecting your success and how to overcome them. ☆Understand and manage your energy and develop trust in your intuitive abilities.


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Animal communication 101

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