Animal communication-Animals and the afterlife

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I have created this course to act as a guide on your journey with your animal companions from dying, death, through to the afterlife and reincarnation. I have taken my years of experience as an animal communicator, connecting with hundreds of animals in spirit and I have asked the animals to share with me how they experience death, what life is like on the other side and what they most want us to know. Our animals love us with a pure and unconditional love, when they leave us it can be the hardest thing we have ever had to bear. The animals want you to know that death is not the end and I have created this course in the hopes of answering many of the same questions that people ask me every day when they want me to connect with their animal in spirit.

Do you wish that you knew more about what happened to your animal companion after she died? This course is for you if you have an animal who has already passed over, if you are caring for an animal who is old or is declining in health. Alternatively, if you are simply curious to understand death and the afterlife from the animal's point of view.

Coping with the loss of a dear animal companion can be extremely difficult; I have created this course to help you to better handle your grief by learning how animals experience death and the afterlife. I will teach you that it is possible to communicate with your own animals in spirit and to introduce you to the concept of reincarnation and how you can know if your animal might be coming back to you.

After the loss of an animal friend, many people struggle to come to terms with their animal's death because they are left with so many unanswered questions. In this course, I aim to shed some light on the mysteries of dying and the afterlife by answering the questions: Do animals have a soul? Do animals go to heaven? What is it like on the other side? Will my animal reincarnate?

While I will guide you through what questions you can ask your dying animal and what you might like to say to your animal in spirit, this course will not teach the process for communicating with animals, if you are looking for this please sign up to my beginners course. This course is for anyone who already has a basic knowledge of how to communicate with animals and who wants to learn about the afterlife of animals, who plans to communicate with other peoples animal in spirit and would like to know what they can expect. Even if you don't plan to communicate with your own animal this course is also for anyone grieving the loss of a dear animal friend.

Did I keep her too long? Did I let her go too soon? I hope this course will guide you through these questions and many more so that you can get some much needed comfort about the passing of your animal companion.


Course content:


☆Important notes about this course

☆What is a soul?

☆Souls and soul agreements

☆Soul missions

☆When your animal is dying

☆How do animals experience death?

☆Do animals go to heaven?

☆What is it like on the other side?

☆Allowing yourself to grieve

☆How to deal with guilt after the loss of an animal companion

☆Exercise - Releasing guilt

☆How to move forward after the death of an animal

☆Animals grieving

☆Remembering-Honouring your animal

☆Getting quiet to get results

☆Communicating with animals in spirit


☆Signs from spirit

☆Jobs in spirit



☆Will my animal be coming back?

☆How can you know if your animal has come back?

☆Getting another animal

☆What animals want us to know

☆Common questions and answers


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Last updated May 23, 2023

At the end of my course, students will have learnt... ☆What questions to ask animals in spirit. ☆How animals experience death. ☆You will have a clearer understanding of what happens when an animal passes. ☆About reincarnation ☆What happens to an animal after they have passed.


Animal communication-Animals and the afterlife

0 ratings
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